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Related Resource

Basic Chinese Grammar
(By Simmons, Richard VanNess) This is a slide show that reviews the basics of Spoken Standard Chinese Grammar. The main slides are in "gif" and "jpg" graphics format, which allows the Chinese examples to be viewed on any system.

Grammar Index
(By University of Oxford, Centre for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language) A list of grammatical items with examples.

Measure Words 量詞
(By Dix Hills Chinese Cultural Association 十峰中文学校) Introduction to Chinese measure words or classifiers in Chinese. This site has some other interesting links for learning Chinese.

Practical Chinese Reader: Online Exercises
(By Xie, Tianwei) Self-tests for students who use the textbook Practical Chinese Reader (Lesson 1-30, some tests are missing.)

A guide to the writing of Mandarin Chinese in romanization (www.pinyin.info)
(By M. Swofford) This website is aimed at contributing to a better understanding of the Chinese languages and how romanization can be used to write languages traditionally associated with Chinese characters (such as Japanese, Korean, and especially Mandarin Chinese).