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Beijing's Seasons

Beijing has four seasons a year. Spring, which falls between March and May, is warm and beautiful with flowers in bloom everywhere. But, it can also be very windy during this time. Sandstorms are nothing new to Beijingers.

The summer runs from June to August, and it can get very hot. The summer rains ease the situation somewhat, but they also leave behind a fair bit of humidity. Many people turn on their air conditioners and stay indoors to get away from the heat.

The most preferred season is autumn, which is from September to November. The mild temperatures are suitable for camping, mountain climbing and traveling.

Winter is from December to February. It is very cold and can snow a lot.

Beijingers indulge in a range of activities depending on the season. Winter is a time for skiing, ice-skating, making snowmen and having snowball fights. If it gets too cold, many prefer to stay indoors or travel to warmer climes.

Spring and autumn is usually when people engage in more outdoor activities. They go to parks, fly kites, go camping or mountain climbing.

In summer, the activity of choice is to soak in some sun at the beach or swim.