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Will you drown your sorrows by drinking alcohol?

There is an old saying that "it will be bitter to drown your sorrow by alcohol". But I'm sick of alcohol. Let us think about it, can wine really drown the sorrows? If drinking has become a habit, your life will be entangled with the "chronic poison".

Uncle Lu, 59 years old, had many children and lived a poor life when he was young. Troubled by these, he often drowned his sorrows by alcohol. He was addicted day by day and had to drink more than half a kilo each day, and even more if he was annoyed. His families have persuaded him many times, but in vain. He only abstained from it for 10 days because of the arthritis these 30 years. On April 3rd, he again drunk too much, vomited blood and was on the verge of death after he was troubled and depressed. He was saved after being rescued. Due to the adventurous experience, and the hospitalization expense of more than 20,000 RMB, he was waken and determined never to touch the alcohol again.

It is inevitable to meet the trouble in life, and there should be a way to convey it. Otherwise, it will do harm to body and mind. You can choose either taking a walk or talking with a friend. However, drowning the sorrows with wine like Uncle Lu, will not only harm health, but may lose one's life.

I am not good at and do like drinking. When I'm persuaded by my friends to drink some at the banquet, I will become a wet blanket and show them my firm determination and try to let them drink less by telling some awful stories caused by alcohol.

I think only those who have lost the hope to live in the world will turn to alcohol. They think there isn't any better way to get rid of trouble than to be drowned in liquor. They are no nobody but cowards! Life is full of ups and downs, twists and turns and we should bear it in our mind to be brave and confident to carry our lives on. It's silly to make an excuse that alcohol can drive sorrow and bitterness away. Instead, a lot of misery comes from alcohol.

Therefore, please keep away from alcohol if you don't want yourself to be abandoned by the society; please keep away from alcohol if you don't want your family and other families to suffer from the endless agony.