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Who will ensure the information security when MSN is used as a political tool?

Last Friday, Microsoft claimed that it had stopped providing service of "Windows Live Messenger" for the netizens of five sanctioned countries (Cuba, Syria, Iran, Sudan and DPRK).

The reason for this is that America worried that the five hostile countries would threaten its interest. Afterwards, Microsoft didn't explain why the service was cancelled and how long it will last. What's more, Microsoft also stated that it would also stop the business with these countries for the time being.

Microsoft was turned into a statesman as a tool in the political war between America and the counter parts. As a result, the users have to suffer. What on earth is it for? Why didn't Microsoft apply for the reconsideration and try to win back the user's right? If Microsoft has become a tool and will do whatever they like, do we still have security as the user of MSN, WINDOWS and OFFICE?

There are more than once to be proved that knowledge is strength. And the person who master knowledge has the right to decide how to use the strength. In my opinion, it is useless to complain anything or appeal who can save the world. The only one can make the security is ourselves. We have to try harder to break out the limits of knowledge rights on our own. The security can be well protected when we have enough capability.

That is the human right which is always emphasised by American administration. They do it for their interest without consideration of hedious impact to others.

The above MSN case is an objective matter, we could not change the situation that the America stop to offer MSN sevice for other countries for the sake of political purpose. [by Icelandwang]