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Who is your best listener?

The sorrow and happiness are twins popping in and out in your life one after the other. Whichever comes, you have no other choice but to face the music. No one can live in purely sad or happy life. Therefore, we have both happiness and trouble, which have to be confided when there is too much. One can turn to the family, friends or the strange net pals to talk out of one's heart, talk about the trouble or make a complaint, even talk about the secrets you don't want others to know. These are the way to relieve one's stress in modern times. Confiding has become one necessity of people's emotion.

Are you happy? Is everything going well in your career and family? Do you have too much stress and trouble? Everyone has something to confide and would like to talk it heartily. Who is your faithful listener, family, a friend, a college or a stranger?

Perhaps it is better if listener is not human, a pet or a stone? They don't say no and listen calmly, I like this feeling very much, argument and debate spend much time of my power.

Firstly, everyone should have his own space, otherwise sharing these content would led to some troubles.

Secondly, your stress in life mostly spring from relationship with other people, and talking to other people also give you more stress, I think people need calm time after work.

Generaly speaking, I think the pet and nature could be the best listener, and maybe you can talk to yourself and know what you need indeed, just as the famous dialog "Know yourself.-----Socrates".