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What do you want to say when encounter with yourself of 10 years ago?

Try to think about yourself in 10 years ago - where were you and what were you doing? In the past 10 years, what made you remember forever?

I have spent time in vain for several years. Ten years ago, I was just a freshman. How I wish time would flow back. Then I could say the following to myself, in this way, the repentance today may be less, although I'm living a comfortable life in others' eyes.

1. About college life College is one of the most important years in your life. It is in college that you will truly discover what learning is about, the skills of learning will be something you cherish forever. It will be the period where you go from teacher-taught to self learner. Follow your passion in college. Take courses you think you will enjoy.

2. About friendship College friends are often the best in life, because people during their colleges are almost sincere and faithful. Find a few friends who are genuine to you and become really close to them. People are not perfect, so as long as they are genuine and sincere, trust them and be good to them. They will give back. Do keep your high school friends, and stay connected to them.

3. About love Don't spend much time on love. Love should be an episode during college,absolutely not the whole. Those who make you cry actually aren't worthy of your tears. Take the long view for your affection, you aren't mature enough to decide your conjugal fate at so early time.

4. About life You should take control of your life. Learn to decide your style of clothes, a plan during a summer vacation. Think to pick the major you really love, the job you suit better. Life is too short to live as others want you. Take care of yourself! Get enough sleep! Have a balanced diet! Get some exercise! All in all, Love and cherish yourself!