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What can you do in a minute?

Bankers say, "Time is money" when they are gazing at the blinking index on computer.

Rescuers say, " Time is life" when they are saving the victims under the rubble.

Athletes say," Time is Champion" when they are racing on the track.

They all believe the outcomes will be different if they are given only one mintue.

A minute seems like a flash in pan. It appears no big deal to waste as there are 1440 minutes in a day. Yes, we definitely agree that we can kill time, one minute or even a couple of hours by taking a nap after hard work or drinking coffee with colleagues at tea break.

Some kill time whereas others value it. Many great inspirations are made in a minute and followed with marvelous achievements. One of the vivid and convincing examples goes to the tale of Fall of the Apple. Only one minute after seeing the apple falling on the ground from tree, Newton was inspired by such a natural phenomenon and then, created the law of the force that opens the new history in science.

The wise turn every minute into what he wants and the fool turn every minute into what he doesn't need. No doubt, to win or to lose, to make your life valuable or valueless depend on what our attitudes are toward every click on the clock.

My dear friend, every minute you spend here learning Chinese will finally pay off in the near future!

What can you do in a minute? There are so many answers. However, what we can do in one minute is limited, we must admit that one minute is too short. But if we cherish every one minute and learn to gather them, we can do great thing in one minute. To do what we commited, we will be great. Many principles needs us to learn them out, even a simple sentence.