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The youngest 29-year-old mayor of China

Zhou Senfeng, a 29-year-old man who is believed to be China's youngest mayor is pushed to the media outlet wave. Last Sunday Zhou was elected mayor of Central China's Yicheng City, Hubei Province.

A succession of titles "80s generation, 29 years old, Tsinghua University, post graduate, the youngest mayor", enabled the appointment announcement top the homepage of China's key websites. However, the 29 year-old Zhou Senfeng didn't win applause from the netizens. In contrary, the following posters expressed their doubt and ridicule. Quoting the remarked from the "CCTV Focus", "the 29-year-old mayor made the netizens 'unease'".

Why did the 29-year-old mayor make the netizens unease? For his youth or lack of experience or other reasons?

We have to confess that there is no reason for the doubt, which only reveals the "envy" or "jealousy". Some netizens ask "what was the reason for his high position as a new graduate"; someone will say "it was quite difficult for me to hunt a job when I was graduated as a postgraduate from Zhejiang University, while he has been entitled the deputy director......"

It is reported that it's in accordance with the related regulation for the selection and appointment and he could take the responsibility as a mayor, even he was relatively young.

Obviously, as we all know, in China, promotion procedure is opaque and perplexing, no one knows that how he was promoted, unanimously elected mayor seems unbelievable, who elect him?

Absolute power would lead to corruption, that's not important offical age is young or old, younger embezzler will do better than the old ones? the key is we should build a monitoring system with law.

It seems that Zhou's case will still stay hot debated for several days or weeks. I am no supporter or oponent of each side. I just want to show my concern in the event and try to be honest and fair.