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The case of PengYu in Nanjing(南京彭宇案): Would you help if an old people falls down?

In China, Leifeng(雷锋,Léi Fēng: December 18, 1940 – August 15, 1962) was built up as a good example to the people to be cheerfully selfless and noble in thought for a long time.

In 2006, Peng Yu(彭宇) helped an old woman named Xu Shoulan who fell down when running for the bus to go to the hospital. Then the court concluded that "it was likely that Peng Yu had collided with Ms Xu and he should compensate 40% of the treatment cost of Xu Shoulan". This is the well-known "Case of Peng Yu in Nanjing".

In 2008, an 70-year-old woman fell down onto the sidewalk at the gate of Xingyu Garden, Nanping E.Road, Chongqing. Her head was beaten and bleeding. Many citizens were concerned about her health, but nobody dared to offer help. A citizen dialed 120 for emergency services and then hurried to go, but he was stopped but the crowd saying " You can't go, otherwise, we may be hard to explain".

"When an old woman falls down, everyone strikes aside. Stop at red light, proceed at green light and back away from old women." We have to admit "not daring to help" has become the "hidden rules" of virtue even for those kind and warm-hearted people. Is it "virtue risk"?

Indeed, the case of Peng Yu in Nanjing made all kindhearted men disappointed, but that is just isolated phenomena. As we can not cancel the mark adding policy of college entrance exam because of some people who cheat, also we can not refuse to help others because of some people whom were trumped.

I have seen a movie. Its title is Day which Without Leifeng. One plot of the movie really impressed me. The kind hero send an old man whom was hit by a car to hospital, however, he was regarded as the peace-breaker. But he never thought he would have given up helping others. The movie has a happy ending.

Maybe, there are some differences between the movies and real life. However, I am ready to believe that most old men are kind-hearted. Most of the time, the facts can be clearly explained. Of course, we should be careful, and try not to get in bad.

Now, when an old person falls down on the road, will you help?

Yes, if an old man falls down, I will help him. This is my answer. In a word, if someone was in trouble, I will offer my help yet. [by 杀死白雪公主 & thelasttime]