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The best doctor Hua Tuo.

Hua Tuo is a famous physician in the late Eastern Han Dynasty of China, he was born in AD 145 and died in 208 AD.

In the late Eastern Han Dynasty, the warlords chaos, floods, drought and disease, occur every year, people are in dire straits. Hua Tuo is very sympathetic to the oppression and exploitation of people. To this end, he does not want an official, began to practise everywhere, to reduce the suffering of the people.

Hua Tuo was proficient in internal medicine, surgery, gynecology and pediatrics. He is credited with being the first surgeon in the world to use the technique of general anesthesia, using a concoction called MaFeiSan to operate on appendicitis patients. He was also an expert acupuncturist, and once cured Cao Cao, the renowned prime minister at the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, of a disease using this technique.

Hua Tuo attached importance to therapy. He also emphasized prevention. He devised a set of exercises, known as the Five-Animal Exercise, to strengthen the physique, imitating the actions of the tiger, deer, bear, ape and bird.