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Past, Now, Future...

The one throws a stone at the river of times. The great effect it caused will broadcast forever and will never die out.

Li Sao, authoured by Qu Yuan (A great politician and poet in the Warring States Period [476 BC - 221 BC] of China ), will continue to touch a deep chord in the heart of everyone.
        I bid the Driver of the Sun oh,
        To Holy Mountain slowly go,
        My way ahead is a long long one oh.
        I will seek my Beauty high and low.

The gunshots that shot Abraham Lincoln's head will keep echoing through all space-time.

The changes of each epoch, instead of uncreating, will hand round to the next. The course of events will extend into endlessly forming an lasting link in the world.

Combined the affairs happened yesterday and now, we get a complicated series of affairs; Combined the events accured today and tomorrow, we will get another series of events which will be more complicated.

Let's associate different powers; Let's connect various problems. Then the limitness "past" will turn into "now"; While the endless "future" will also come from "now".

And now "Now" is just the bridge connecting "past" and "future". It's also the very thing happened from the beginning to the end.

Ring the bell of "now". All the "past" and "future" appeare in front of us. This is just the truth that "past" and "future" are all "now", and this is just the reason why we value "now" most.