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Is it worthy to spending 40 million RMB to build a secondary school?

The new students' dormitories of Wu Lingyuan Secondary School, which is located in the Wu Lingyuan Region of Zhang Jiajie City (Hunan Province, China), are the most beautiful landscapes for this school, costing 40 million RMB to build up. Allegedly, considering that the educational condition of this school was not so satisfying before, the local community decided to give the highest priority to the educational development that keeping pace of time with a long-sight plan, even if which means a large amount of money.

Take it as the comparison, some netizens calculated, with ever much money allocated to the building of Wu Lingyuan Secondary School, perhaps, 200 Hope Primary Schools would be established. But I must correct one mistake first, 200 thousand yuan is just a bit to build a Hope School in a small size, which just can support a few students to study. And they nearly have no more money to let the students to study some new technology.

Now, many people ask many questions to the government if it is worthy to spending 40 million RMB to build a secondary school. In my view, it is worthy. Why not? If the people who live in the poor areas do not have the right to study in the good buildings? You must say of course, they have. But there is no need to build such a expensive school. If the government do not use all this money to build the school, I may doubt the motivation of the government. But if not, I support the action of government.

Maybe you think 40 million yuan is quite a large money, but if it is used to build a good school, which can be used for many years, it would be valuable. The WuLingyuan Secondary School can contain about 600 students which nearly the whole towns' students, in other words, it can contain nearly all small villages in the town. In the past, many students must walk a long way to go to school everyday, because the old school do not have the dormitories to the students to live in. But now, they have the new school. They can live in the school, learn computers, and play with some safer and better PE equipments. When I saw the smile of the children, I know they really love the new school. They all say they are very happy to go to that school. So, why not hear what the children say?

I know some rural schools do not have a flattening playground which can make students hurt, do not have the good desks and chairs which come from some other school's waste bin, and do not have the good computers which have been used since 1990s, which may older than the children. Can you imagine that? The students do not have the enough modern technology equipments to learn the modern social living technology. Do not think all kinds of possibilities of 40 million yuan can be used in all kinds of ways. If it was used in a right way, maybe there will be more students having a better study situation. The world has a lot of possibilities, but we just can choose one. There is no need to know others will say what, but I just know one thing that this decision have benefited some students and more.