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Is it worthiness that marry a rich old man?

Mybe we have prejudice that most of the rich men are not good, however, there are lots of good and rich men beside us, but we did not find them.

I have a classmate, he studied abroad, and he is younger than me, he got good marks in school. He graduauted from the Zhejiang university after two years' study. He is the son of one Board Chairman.

Once I said to him: your father is great and rich, why did you study so hard? He replied: my father's success is his, and I am interested in learning. but I have more pressure, I am afraid that I am average and will be criticized that I am not so good as my father. I must do the trick by my hard work.

Well, I think the man above is worthy of marrying him. He is not like that a good-for-nothing from a wealthy family, whose life is all beer and skittles. Though he is not from the wealthy family, he will be successful one day, too.

While if you just like his money, I don't agree, the marriage without love will not be happy. If you love him, you can marry him, and the age is not the problem at all, it is enough if you love each other, but if not, just for he has lots of money, I want to advice you that you must think it over, Life is an onion: You peel it off one layer at a time, and sometimes you weep, and the marriage is not the playgame, it is the most importmant that the life after the marriage is happy.

Above all, whether to marry him or not, is depended on the her, worthy or not, depend on the individual.

That rich man is good, and you can marry him, if not, you must be prudent, so as to avoid one day in the future, it is too late to repent. (Quote from http://sl.iciba.com/viewthread-52-473792-1.shtml)