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How do you forgive those who have hurt you?

Forgiveness means you have forgotten the hurt in your heart; otherwise, the hurt will concentrate in your heart and hurt you more.

However we walk on our own way in life, sometimes it is hard to avoid collision with other people and result in hurting or being hurt.

You should learn to forgive the people who hurt you. This is a good character.

In everyone's life, who will experience hurt which comes from around your people, these hurt whether forgive or not, depending on the degree of hurt, some hurt are permanent, others are transient, for example, we often see some example occur our side, A girl/boy snatch B girl/boys's boyfriend or girlfriend, A and B just are good friends, finally, they are marry, I think that this hurt isn't be forgave by victim.

In morden's society, competitve is more and more intense among people, pressure is also more and more big, many person would rather lose the commitment to safeguarding their own interest, I am a clothing foreign trade merchandiser, it is very important to commitment for us. If we lose our commitment to damage customer, then we have no chance to cooperate with them in the future, this hurt is also permanent!

Certainly, anyone who can't make mistake in the day-to-day work and life, for example, appointment isn't on time, your cooking isn't delicious for your family, your working make mistake and so on, as long as these hurt is not great, many people can forgive you, after all, you aren't god.

Above all, betrayal of principle and credibility can't be forgiven for me, because I think if I want to happy life, I must forgive others some mistakes which I can accept.