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Does the man can pull on the high-heel shoe?

If the man likes high-heel shoe, there is not contention for this. But if the man pull on the high-heel shoe, maybe there are many people can say"abnormality", and the most euphemistic saying is "individuality". Why? Maybe people is accustomed to accept this truth what is pull on the high-heel shoe with woman already.

Do you think the man can pull on the high-heel shoe?

In fact, the high-heel shoe what is popular by ladys is the rage from the end of 16 century, but at that time it isn't ladies patent, man also pull on the the high-heel shoe, make man increase his stature, and that called "Man's High-heel Shoe", It is very popular by gentleman.

Now if you see someone who pull on the high-heel shoe at street, what will you think?

As most of the people are accustomed to accept the truth that pulling on high-heel shoes is the patent of women, it will be strange for us to see a man who pulls on the high-heel shoes. Obviously, he who wear the high-heel shoes will be laughed at even be attacked by disgusting words although they really would like to do that like women to get a more slender figure.

However, if the men could have enough courage to go their own way regardless anybody else, it also will be accepted by more and more people in the future.

So, gentlemen, Summon up your courage to strive for yourselves from now on, nothing is impossible if you want.