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Chinese Food - Jellied Beancurd Bai

Jellied Beancurd Bai is one of the famous Unique Traditional Chinese Foods.

As the most well-known snack, Bai's jellied beancurd has gone through four generations since Tongzhi period of the Qing Dynasty. Each of them made a great contribution to this old facia.

Now let's talk about Bai Hua, shopkeeper of Jellied Beancurd Bai presently. She made considerable contributions to the improvement of Jellied Beancurd Bai.

Let's start with the election of materials. The key to the jellied beancurd lies in gravy. In order to make the gravy adapt to modern tastes, Bai Hua did a lot. Even soy sauce, she has tried at least a hundred times. "Not necessarily the best, but must be the most appropriate." she concluded. The mutton in the gravy must be taken form the hindquarters. The champignon in thick gravy also has its proportion, both dried and wet.

Furthermore, she took "kou mo" in soup particularly for fresh. So it seems that, food in the Bais can be described as "Never neglect effort for a bit, never neglect quality for low price."

Now take a bowl of Bai's jellied beancurd together with its chilli sauce and sesame pancake. Yum-yum, it's mouth-watering!