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"Are you happy today?" become the most popular network catchword in China

Nowdays "Are you happy today?" become the most popular network catchword in China.

How do you relax yourself after work when you want to relief your pressure, obtain happy marriage or find your separated friends? A website named "kaixin (happy)" [kaixin001.com] has been prevailing among the white collars in the big cities.

"Spring breeze brings the splendid pear blossoms over night." Nowadays the white collars may not press the fingerprint when punching in, they will not forget to log in the kaixin001.com, why is it so popular?

"The thing that hopes we are done can let more person obtain joy", cheng Binghao of kaixin001.com author says so.

As all SNS websites contain China strong Facebook mark, no matter be "friend of buying and selling" , "contend for a car" or "footmark", be Facebook "Friendsforsale" and "ParkingWar" reprint, but the national condition that kaixin001.com captured China, it captured China the biggest white-collar.

From last year measure inside May begin, through the stable development of 3 months, to last year the end of the year, kaixin001.com criterion again refresh this one word, register an user to achieve 14 million. With time of short half an year, kaixin001.com exceeded the net inside the school that has great reputation quite in industry, 51.COM, became website of SNS a gleam of quickly.

A survey has revealed that kaixin001.com has ranked the first of the "top ten masked websites of China" because of its popularity among the white collars for one year. Though many companies have begun to mask the kaixin001.com website, many net pals have worked out their countermeasures. When we searched "the ban of kaixin001.com website" over Google explorer; we got about 2,840,000 results, together with various cracking ways.

Since it is difficult to force out the kaixin001.com website, the regulation of the company has no practical function. In order to ensure the work efficiency, some companies have to take some mandatory measures. It is reported that one manager stipulated in the workbook of the employees "it is the banned to log in kaixin110.com; anyone who breaks this rule for more than five times will be dismissed."

In my opinion, people must arrange the time with reason, under not affect work's state, make use of your rest time properly to go to web and dunk the web, this is natural, Any company hasn't this kind of the right to limit it, So the precondition is non-work time, no affect, ont only your work, but also yourself, Why don't you do that?