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A beautiful and young schoolmaster of village from Huaiyang County

It is not rare to see those driving a tricycle and having the waste recycled in everyday life. However, the net friends disclosed the following a couple of days ago: a woman of 30 years old, simply-dressed, was reclaiming the used text books and coaching books for the primary school students in the neighborhood of the west suburbs in Zhengzhou City. According to one net friend, the woman was the schoolmaster of Hoping Primary School which is out-of-the-way from Huaiyang County. Her name is Li Ling, 27 years old. Because the students couldn't afford the coaching books, she took the advantage of the break for wheat harvest, bought a shabby tricycle and reclaimed the coaching books and other children's reading materials along the road by tricycle and then took them back for the students.

In this high temperature season, she came to Zhengzhou alone; moving around the streets by tricycle under the burning sun, with only one purpose --- to set up one simplest "reading room" for 300 students in the Hoping school. Li Ling has owed more than 100,000 RMB for the establishment of the Hoping School since 2002.

"Each time when I see the student from other school sitting and reading at the spacious and bright reading room, I feel bitter. I also want to establish one reading room for my students, even the simplest." To make the student have books to read, she hung a carbon board "reclaim the reading materials, magazines and coaching books for primary school students at high price" made by herself on Jun, 2nd. "I think they must be happy when they see those books", she smiled happily when mentioning the students at school.

A net friend said, "I really admire the female schoolmaster and appreciate her actions, but the act itself should not be recommended. When I know this news, I fell sad disappointed, what did it cause these news?! Briefly speaking, these news reflects the social reality of the darkness, many children can't have good education condition, many people can't afford medical fees, many cases have not been treated fairly."

"China's fiscal revenue in 2006 have passed Japan, soaring up to the second largest in the world. Our govermant allocated very little money to the education and spend much money on the administration expense, this is the reason for that female schoolmaster! A country which donot emphasize education will have no future. I hope the deeds like female schoolmaster will disappear in china."