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Will you fall in love with an otaku?

In the Internet-prevailing age, many things can be resolved by means of Internet. Consequently, the otaku occurs. They seldom go out their doors or visit others' house, sharing the same feature: they are indulged in the Internet and get the daytime and night reversed; they don't like to get contact with the strangers; they prefer to get rotten at home than going outside. Then, will the otaku win the popularity of the opposite? Will you fall in love with an otaku?

"Otaku" comes from "taku" that means "residence" in Japanese. According to my understanding, "Otaku" is a derogatory name given to social outcasts that spend most of their time staying home watching TV, playing video games or surfing the net.

I know a 25-year old stunningly beautiful Chinese woman, who is married to a husband that is unspectacular look-wise and career-wise. Five years ago at their wedding, they were such a mismatched couple in appearance that many people speculated the marriage would not last. Surprisingly five years later on this day they are still happily married with two lovely children. It seems one reason is the wife is a home person that likes to stay home a lot. She doesn't have many friends and is never aspired to live up to the Joneses. Call her lazy or unambitious if you wish, but she is perfectly content with her simple life.

I also know a 28-year old attractive Chinese lady whose husband divorced his rich wife to marry her. She is very sociable and ambitious. Through evening classes and self-studies, she acquired command of the English language and a professional accounting degree. Then she got a job in a big corporation, hooked up with her manager and left her husband for good.

I'm not trying to generalize relationships based on two isolated cases, but the point I'm trying to demonstrate is being an "otaku" could be a blessing in disguise.