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Understanding Chinese Pinyin: Finals(韵母表)

The Chinese language is mainly composed of monosyllabic morphemes, one Chinese pinyin / syllable for one Chinese character, and one Chinese pinyin / syllable consists of initial + final + tone. In the pinyin of qiāng(枪, gun), "q" is the initial, "iang" is the final, "ˉ" which is above the vowel a is the tone. Chinese Putonghua (Mandarin) has 39 finals. There are 10 single vowels and other compound vowels use in Chinese Pinyin system.(especially, single vowel ê only used in the compound vowels "ie" and "üe"; -i[front] only used after initials "z", "c" and "s"; -i[back] only used after initials "zh", "ch", "sh" and "r".) Some of them are similar to English sounds, the others are not.

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