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Understanding Chinese Pinyin: Written rules

1. A Chinese word with two syllables or more syllables, need write these syllables together. And the words must be separated. The letter in the beginning of a sentence or a poem must be in capitalization. For example:
Tuánjié fèndòu, jiànshè zhāngjiājiè!
团结     奋斗   , 建设     张家界!
(Work hard in unity, building Zhangjiajie!)

2. The letter in the beginning of technical terms or phrases must use capital letter. For example:
Běijīng, Zhōngguó, Gòngchǎndǎng, Rénmín
北京,     中国,        共产党,             人民
(Beijing, China, Communist Party, People)

3. The title maybe use with all the capital letter or use with the beginning letter capitalized. In order to be simple and artistic, the tone mark can be omitted. For example:
JIEFANG    SIXIANG    Zhonghuahun
解放           思想          中华魂
(Liberation, Ideological, China Soul)

Additional explanation: For chinese learner, write the syllables separatly is helpful to understanding. For example:
美国(USA, měiguóměi guó); 啤酒(beer, píjiǔpí jiǔ)