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Understanding the pronunciation and explanation of Common Chinese character: 了

Chinese Character Try to write it by Doodle Program Pronunciations and explanations
(verb particle marking a new situation or a completed action);
你来了! Nǐ láile! [You have come!]
我累了! Wǒ lèile! [I've gotten tired!]
那好了! Nà hǎole! [That's OK (now)!]
我只请了一位客人. Wǒ zhǐ qǐngle yí wèi kèren. [I invited only one guest.]
[end, finish, settle, dispose of, know clearly, to be able, (=了解 liǎojiě) understand, comprehend;]
了了 liǎoliaǒ [clearly understand, settle (a debt/etc.), to be intelligent;]
了了 liǎole [to be over/ended/finnish/settled;]

How to write Chinese characters
The order of strokes of Chinese characters are traditionally classified into eight basic forms, each appearing in the character "eternally" and according to their contemporary names("Dian", "Heng", "Shu", "Gou", "Ti", "Pie", "Duan Pie", "Na"). Though somewhat arbitrary, this system has remained popular for nearly two millenia. Go to this page to learn more about the order of strokes of Chinese characters.