How to say hello in chinese pinyin?
How to say thank you in chinese pinyin?
How to say happy birthday in chinese pinyin?
What to say on chinese new year?
How do you say goodbye in chinese pinyin?


Chinese Pinyin is a system of Romanization for Chinese Standard Mandarin, where "pin" means "spell" and "yin" means "sound". Romanization approximates Chinese Mandarin pronunciation with Western spellings and includes a tone mark to signify the Chinese characters (The Chinese language is mainly composed of monosyllabic morphemes, one Chinese pinyin / syllable for one Chinese character, and one Chinese pinyin / syllable consists of initial + final + tone, in some cases the initial can be omitted), So once mastered the Chinese Pinyin, learning Chinese is a very easy thing.
This site contains animated libraries of the phonetic sounds of Chinese Mandarin Pinyin. Available for each initial and final is an Animated Articulatory Diagram, a step-by-step description and video-audio of the sound spoken in context. It can make Chinese-learner understand the basic knowledge of Chinese pronunciation system, and master the Chinese pinyin by watching the movements of a speaker's lips.


You know some people in the world are uneducated and don't know their native languages at all, but they still can communicate with others. It is because they mastered the pronunciation method and useful sentence. For chinese learners the best way learning to Say Chinese, is to learn Lesson and Practice with Chinese Pinyin. can provide you with free online Lesson and Practice, so if you master the pronunciation of Chinese pinyin and the practical sentence patterns, you also can make some simple communication with Chinese people, do not necessarily have to master / understanding of how many Chinese characters.


People may not think to really learn Chinese Mandarin, because the process of learning Chinese is very boring. provide you plentiful of vocabularies, sentence patterns and useful phrase with Chinese pinyin for practising. There isn't a short way for foreigners who are studying Chinese right now or some who are going to learning Chinese. Perseverance, speak more, commit to memory, practice more is the key to your success.


Preview: A smart housewife was told that there was a kind of stove which would only consume half of the coal she was burning. She was very excited, and said: That'll be terrific! Since one stove can save half of the coal, if I buy two, no coal will be needed!
[xiān dǔ wéi kuài: yí wèi jīng míng de jiā tíng zhǔ fù tīng rén shuō yǒu yì zhǒng lú zi yòng qǐ lái ké yǐ bǐ tā xiàn zài yòng de lú zi shěng yí bàn de méi. tā tīng le dà wéi xīng fèn, shuō: nà tài hǎo le!yí gè lú zi ké yǐ shěng yí bàn de méi, nà me rú guǒ wǒ mǎi liǎng gè lú zi de huà, bú jiù ké yǐ bǎ méi quán dōu shěng xià lái le ma ?]


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